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Last year I showed these two slides so that 去年我给各位展示了两个 demonstrate that the arctic ice cap, 关于北极冰帽的演示 which for most of the last three million years 在过去三百万年中 has been the size of the lower 48 states, 其面积由相当于美国南方48州面积总和 has shrunk by 40 percent. 缩减了40% But this understates the seriousness of this particular problem 但这些没能完全说明这个问题的严重性 because it doesn't show the thickness of the ice. 因为这没有表示出冰帽的厚度 The arctic ice cap is, in a sense, 感觉上,北极冰帽 the beating heart of the global climate system. 就好象全球气候系统中跳动的心脏 It expands in winter and contracts in summer. 冬天心脏舒张,夏天心脏收缩 The next slide I show you will be 下面我要展示的是 a rapid fast-forward of what's happened over the last 25 years. 在过去25年里的极剧变化 The permanent ice is marked in red. 红色的是永冻冰 As you see, it expands to the dark blue -- 你看,它正在变成深蓝色 that's the annual ice in winter, 这是每年冬天形成的年度冰 and it contracts in summer. 在夏天永冻冰收缩 The so-called permanent ice, five years old or older, 所谓的“永冻”,是指形成五年或更久的冰 you can see is almost like blood, 你看,这也像血液一样 spilling out of the body here. 输送到身体各部位 In 25 years it's gone from this, to this. 在25年的时间里,它从这里,到了这里 This is a problem because the warming 值得注意的是 heats up the frozen ground around the Arctic Ocean, 温室效应使得北冰洋周围的冻土层受热 where there is a massive amount of frozen carbon 而这里有大量被冻封的碳(干冰) which, when it thaws, is turned into methane by microbes. 解冻时,微生物降解碳形成甲烷 Compared to the total amount of global warming pollution in the atmosphere, 如果突破顶点,温室气体排放量 that amount could double if we cross this tipping point. 将是现有大气层中的全球温室污染总量 Already in some shallow lakes in Alaska, 在阿拉斯加的一些浅湖里 methane is actively bubbling up out of the water. 已经可以看到水中探头的沼气泡 Professor Katey Walter from the University of Alaska 去年冬天,University of Alaska的Katey Walter教授 went out with another team to another shallow lake last winter. 结队去了一个浅湖 Video: Whoa! (Laughter) 哇(开心而又惊叹滴笑) Al Gore: She's okay. The question is whether we will be. 戈尔:她很好,我们怎么样呢? And one reason is, this enormous heat sink 有一个原因,北方沉积的大量热能 heats up Greenland from the north. 加热了格陵兰岛 This is an annual melting river. 这是一条每年融化的河 But the volumes are much larger than ever. 但流量却比往年都要大 This is the Kangerlussuaq River in southwest Greenland. 这是格陵兰岛西南的Kangerlussuaq河 If you want to know how sea level rises 如果你想了解陆地上的冰块融化 from land-base ice melting 如何使得海平面上升 this is where it reaches the sea. 这里就是它的入海口 These flows are increasing very rapidly. 这里的流量正在急速上升 At the other end of the planet, Antarctica 南极,地球的另一端 the largest mass of ice on the planet. 这个行星上最大的冰块 Last month scientists reported the entire continent 上个月,科学家报告整个大洲 is now in negative ice balance. 正处于冰量减少的阶段 And west Antarctica cropped up on top some under-sea islands, 在南极洲的西部突然发现 is particularly rapid in its melting. 几个低于海平面的岛屿正在加速融化 That's equal to 20 feet of sea level, as is Greenland. 这相当于海平面上20英尺,和格陵兰岛一样 In the Himalayas, the third largest mass of ice: 在Himalayas,第三大冰块 at the top you see new lakes, which a few years ago were glaciers. 在顶部你可以看到新的湖泊,而几年前,这只是冰河 40 percent of all the people in the world 全球40%从其融水中 get half of their drinking water from that melting flow. 获得一半的饮用水 In the Andes, this glacier is the 在安第斯山脉,这条冰河 source of drinking water for this city. 是这座城市的饮用水源 The flows have increased. 流量正在增加 But when they go away, so does much of the drinking water. 但当它们消失时,我们也将失去饮用水 In California there has been a 40 percent 在California, Sierra的积雪 decline in the Sierra snowpack. 每年减少40% This is hitting the reservoirs. 对于蓄水而言,这是一个打击 And the predictions, as you've read, are serious. 而且如你看到的,预计是非常严重的 This drying around the world has lead to 全球的干燥化 a dramatic increase in fires. 正在导致火灾数量急剧增加 And the disasters around the world 而全世界的灾害数量 have been increasing at an absolutely extraordinary 也正以绝对显著的 and unprecedented rate. 空前的速度增加 Four times as many in the last 30 years 在过去三十年内,灾害总数达到了 as in the previous 75. 更早七十五年总数的四倍 This is a completely unsustainable pattern. 这是一种完全不可持续的模式 If you look at in the context of history 如果看下历史 you can see what this is doing. 你可以看到发生了些什么 In the last five years 在过去的五年 we've added 70 million tons of CO2 我们每天 every 24 hours -- 增加七千万吨二氧化碳 25 million tons every day to the oceans. 向海洋排放两千五百万吨二氧化碳 Look carefully at the area of the eastern Pacific, 注意看下东太平洋区域 from the Americas, extending westward, 从美洲向西 and on either side of the Indian subcontinent, 在印度次大陆的两边 where there is a radical depletion of oxygen in the oceans. 海洋含氧量急剧减少 The biggest single cause of global warming, 温室效应最大的原因,除了森林破坏占20%外 along with deforestation, which is 20 percent of it, is the burning of fossil fuels. 是燃烧石油燃料 Oil is a problem, and coal is the most serious problem. 石油很重要,煤炭最为紧要 The United States is one of the two 美国 largest emitters, along with China. 正成为全球最大的两个排放国之一,和中国一起 And the proposal has been to build a lot more coal plants. 解决方案曾经是建造一个使用更多煤碳的星球 But we're beginning to see a sea change. 但我们已经开始看到海洋的变化了 Here are the ones that have been cancelled in the last few years 这里是近年已经取消的一些 with some green alternatives proposed. 以及一些新的绿色替代方案 (Applause) (掌声) However there is a political battle 但是,在我们国家 in our country. 有一场政治战争 And the coal industries and the oil industries 而煤碳和石油工业 spent a quarter of a billion dollars in the last calendar year 在去年花费了两千五百万美元 promoting clean coal, 来提倡清洁煤炭 which is an oxymoron. 这太矛盾了 That image reminded me of something. 那个画面让我想起了什么 (Laughter) (笑声) Around Christmas, in my home in Tennessee, 圣诞前后,在我的家乡田纳西 a billion gallons of coal sludge was spilled. 挖出了几十亿升的煤淤泥 You probably saw it on the news. 可能你在新闻上看过 This, all over the country, is the second largest waste stream in America. 这里,是全美第二大的废水排放 This happened around Christmas. 这发生于圣诞前后 One of the coal industry's ads around Christmas was this one. 有一则这样的煤碳行业广告 Video: ♪♫ Frosty the coal man is a jolly, happy soul. 录象:♪♫煤炭酷先生是高兴和快乐的化身 He's abundant here in America, 在美国你可以见到他富饶多产 and he helps our economy grow. 他还帮助我们发展经济 Frosty the coal man is getting cleaner everyday. 煤炭酷先生每天都在变得更干净 He's affordable and adorable, and workers keep their pay. 他可爱实惠,为工人们带来工作机会 Al Gore: This is the source of much of the coal in West Virginia. 戈尔:这里是West Virginia,许多煤炭的原产地 The largest mountaintop miner is the head of Massey Coal. 最大的山顶采矿是head of Massey Coal Video: Don Blankenship: Let me be clear about it. Al Gore, Don Blankenship:让我来澄清事实(这个老兄是马塞能源公司总裁兼总经理,马赛能源公司被卷入一连串的法律与环境的争议当中,争议主要存在于其开采过程中没有采取相应的防污措施) Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, they don't know what they're talking about. Al Core, Nancy Pelosi(现任众议院议长), Harry Reid(众议院能源和商业委员会主席)(这两个人都致力于通过国会推动一项综合性的能源与气候议案),这帮家伙完全不懂得他们在讲些什么 Al Gore: So the Alliance for Climate Protection 戈尔:所以气候保护联盟(戈尔是成立人之一及现任主席) has launched two campaigns. 开展了两个项目 This is one of them, part of one of them. 这是其中的一个,其中一个的一部分 Video: Actor: At COALergy we view climate change as a very serious 演员:在COALergy,我们非常严肃地对待 threat to our business. 气候变化对我们的事业威胁 That's why we've made it our primary goal 这是为什么我们花费大量金钱 to spend a large sum of money 制定我们的最初目标 on an advertising effort to help bring out and complicate 努力挖掘并阐释 the truth about coal. 煤炭的真相 The fact is, coal isn't dirty. 事实上,煤炭并不肮脏 We think it's clean -- 我们认为,它是干净的 smells good, too. 好闻的 So don't worry about climate change. 因此,不必为全球变暖而担心 Leave that up to us. 让我们来搞定吧 (Laughter) (笑声) Video: Actor: Clean coal -- you've heard a lot about it. 演员:清洁煤炭,你已经听过关于它的许多 So let's take a tour of this state-of-the-art clean coal facility. 所以,让我们去看看如同艺术一般的清洁煤炭工厂吧 Amazing! The machinery is kind of loud. 壮观!机器有些喧哗 But that's the sound of clean coal technology. 但这是清洁煤炭技术的声音 And while burning coal is one of the leading causes of global warming, 虽然烧煤是导致全球变暖的主要原因之一 the remarkable clean coal technology you see here 你在这里所见到的令人折服的清洁煤炭技术 changes everything. 改变了一切 Take a good long look: this is today's clean coal technology. 好好看看吧!这就是如今的清洁煤炭技术 Al Gore: Finally, the positive alternative 戈尔:最后是这个正面的方案 meshes with our economic challenge 可以应对经济挑战 and our national security challenge. 和国家安全挑战 Video: Narrator: America is in crisis -- the economy, 录象:旁白:美国正处于危机 national security, the climate crisis. 经济的、国家安全的、气候的危机 The thread that links them all: 将这些危机都串在一起的 our addiction to carbon based fuels, 是我们对于基于碳的石油产品的依赖 like dirty coal and foreign oil. 譬如肮脏的煤炭和进口的石油 But now there is a bold new solution to get us out of this mess. 但现在,有一种全新的解决这些难题的方案 Repower America (让美国重振力量) Repower America with 100 percent clean electricity 用百分百清洁的电力 within 10 years. 用十年的时间 A plan to put America back to work, 让美国人全新获得工作 make us more secure, and help stop global warming. 让我们生活得更安全,并且让地球不在变暖 Finally, a solution that's big enough to solve our problems. 最终,一个足够庞大的方案来解决我们的问题 Repower America. Find out more. Repower America (让美国重振力量),了解更多 Al Gore: This is the last one. 戈尔:最后一个 Video: Narrator: It's about repowering America. 旁白:这是关于Repower America(让美国重振力量)的 One of the fastest ways to cut our dependence 陈旧的肮脏石油正在谋杀我们的星球 on old dirty fuels that are killing our planet. 这是让我们减少对其依赖的最快方式 Man: Future's over here. Wind, sun, a new energy grid. 男A:未来就在这里。风力、太阳能、新的能源网络 Man #2: New investments to create high-paying jobs. 男B:新的投资创造更的报酬丰厚的工作 Narrator: Repower America. It's time to get real. 旁白:Repower America (让美国重振力量)。是时候梦想成真了! Al Gore: There is an old African proverb that says, 戈尔:有一条古老的非洲谚语 "If you want to go quickly, go alone. 如果想要走得快,独立前行 If you want to go far, go together." 如果想要走得远,结伴前行 We need to go far, quickly. 我们需要的是走得远,而且快 Thank you very much. 非常感谢 (Applause) 掌声