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There's this fact that I love that I read somewhere once, 有一个事实我非常喜欢, 是我从别的地方读到的, that one of the things that's contributed to homo sapiens' success 说的是,人类作为一个物种 能够如此成功的 as a species 原因之一, is our lack of body hair -- 就是我们缺少体毛—— that our hairlessness, our nakedness 我们的这种“裸露”的特性, combined with our invention of clothing, 再加上我们发明的衣物, gives us the ability to modulate our body temperature 让我们得以控制我们的体温, and thus be able to survive in any climate we choose. 进而能够在任意的气候中生存。 And now we've evolved to the point where we can't survive without clothing. 如今我们已经进化到 离不开衣物了。 And it's more than just utility, 而衣物也已经远不止是用品, now it's a communication. 它也是沟通交流的方式。 Everything that we choose to put on is a narrative, 我们穿着的一切 都变成故事性的陈述, a story about where we've been, 讲述了我们去过哪里、 what we're doing, 我们在做什么、 who we want to be. 我们想成为怎样的人。 I was a lonely kid. 我曾经是个很孤独的孩子。 I didn't have an easy time finding friends to play with, 我很难找到朋友跟我一起玩, and I ended up making a lot of my own play. 于是我就自己制作好玩的东西。 I made a lot of my own toys. 我很多的玩具都是自己做的。 It began with ice cream. 最早是从冰淇淋的故事开始。 There was a Baskin-Robbins in my hometown, 我家乡有一个Baskin-Robbins 淇淋店, and they served ice cream from behind the counter 店员站在柜台后面,把冰淇淋 in these giant, five-gallon, cardboard tubs. 从这些差不多20升大的 纸桶里舀出来售卖。 And someone told me -- I was eight years old -- 有人告诉我—— 那时我只有八岁—— someone told me that when they were done with those tubs, 有人告诉我: 当店员用完这些纸桶的时候, they washed them out and kept them in the back, 就会把它们洗干净, 然后存放在店里, and if you asked they would give you one. 如果你向他们要的话, 他们就会给你一个。 It took me a couple of weeks to work up the courage, 我花了几个星期时间才鼓起勇气, but I did, and they did. 但是我去问了,他们也给了我。 They gave me one -- I went home with this beautiful cardboard tub. 他们给了我一个—— 这个超级漂亮的纸桶。 I was trying to figure out what I could do with this exotic material -- 我一直在思考 我能用这神奇的东西做什么—— metal ring, top and bottom. 它上下两端还装着金属环。 I started turning it over in my head, and I realized, "Wait a minute -- 我琢磨了很久,然后灵光一现—— my head actually fits inside this thing." “有了,这玩意儿能套在我的头上!” (Laughter) (笑声) Yeah, I cut a hole out, 对,我剪了一个洞出来, I put some acetate in there 我在里面加了些醋酸纤维 and I made myself a space helmet. 然后它就变成一个太空人头盔了! (Laughter) (笑声) I needed a place to wear the space helmet, 我需要个地方 让我能戴上这个头盔, so I found a refrigerator box a couple blocks from home. 然后我在离家几个街区的地方 发现了一个冰箱包装箱, I pushed it home, 我把箱子推回家, and in my parents' guest room closet, 客房的更衣室里, I turned it into a spaceship. 打造了一艘太空飞船。 I started with a control panel out of cardboard. 我用卡纸做了一个操控板, I cut a hole for a radar screen 在上面剪了个洞,作雷达屏幕, and put a flashlight underneath it to light it. 然后在底下放了个手电筒 来把它照亮。 I put a view screen up, which I offset off the back wall -- 我还装上了一个大屏幕, 让它离墙壁有一点距离—— and this is where I thought I was being really clever -- 我觉得自己这个设计 真的特别机智—— without permission, I painted the back wall of the closet black 我没有经过父母同意, 把背景墙刷成了黑色, and put a star field, 让它变成了一片星空, which I lit up with some Christmas lights I found in the attic, 然后用阁楼里找到的 圣诞树彩灯来点亮, and I went on some space missions. 于是我就执行太空任务去了。 A couple years later, 几年之后, the movie "Jaws" came out. 《大白鲨》电影上映了。 I was way too young to see it, but I was caught up in "Jaws" fever, 我那时年纪太小了不能观看, 但是也疯狂地迷上了大白鲨, like everyone else in America at the time. 就像全美国的其他人一样。 There was a store in my town that had a "Jaws" costume in their window, 我住的小镇有一家店, 在橱窗里展出了一件“大白鲨”戏服, and my mom must have overheard me talking to someone 我妈妈一定是听到 我跟别人的讨论, about how awesome I thought this costume was, 说这件戏服有多么多么帅气, because a couple days before Halloween, 结果在万圣节的几天前, she blew my freaking mind by giving me this "Jaws" costume. 她送了我这一套大白鲨戏服, 简直让我惊喜万分。 Now, I recognize it's a bit of a trope 我知道现在有个普遍现象, for people of a certain age to complain 就是有一定年纪的人一直在抱怨, that kids these days have no idea how good they have it, 说现在的孩子根本不明白 他们的物质条件有多好, but let me just show you a random sampling 但让我给你们看这样一个对比, of entry-level kids' costumes you can buy online right now ... 现在在网上能买到的 最入门的儿童戏服是这样…… ... and this is the "Jaws" costume my mom bought for me. 而那时我妈妈买给我的 “大白鲨”戏服是这样的。 (Laughter) (笑声) This is a paper-thin shark face 这个鲨鱼脸比一张纸还要薄, and a vinyl bib with the poster of "Jaws" on it. 然后就是塑料围裙上 画了一张“大白鲨”海报。 (Laughter) (笑声) And I loved it. 但我简直爱死它了。 A couple years later, 又过了几年, my dad took me to a film called "Excalibur." 我爸爸带我去看了 一部叫《黑暗时代》的电影。 I actually got him to take me to it twice, 其实我让他带我去看了两次, which is no small thing, because it is a hard, R-rated film. 这事儿其实非同小可, 因为这是一部很暴力的限制级电影。 But it wasn't the blood and guts or the boobs 但我想多看一次并不是因为 that made me want to go see it again. 其中的血腥场景或者大胸女郎。 They helped -- 可能确实有一部分这个原因…… (Laughter) (笑声) It was the armor. 是因为那些盔甲。 The armor in "Excalibur" was intoxicatingly beautiful to me. 《黑暗时代》里的盔甲对我来说 简直是无与伦比的美丽。 These were literally knights in shining, mirror-polished armor. 这些可是货真价实的骑士, 穿着闪亮、抛光的盔甲。 And moreover, the knights in "Excalibur" wear their armor everywhere. 还有,这些《黑暗时代》的骑士 去到哪里都穿着这套盔甲。 All the time -- they wear it at dinner, they wear it to bed. 真的是每时每刻—— 吃饭的时候穿着,睡觉也穿着…… (Laughter) (笑声) I was like, "Are they reading my mind? 我在想:“他们是不是 和我心灵相通啊? I want to wear armor all the time!" 我好想这样天天穿着盔甲!” (Laughter) (笑声) So I went back to my favorite material, 于是我捡起我最喜爱的材料, the gateway drug for making, 手工制作的“万能配方”, corrugated cardboard, 就是波纹硬纸板, and I made myself a suit of armor, 我就自己做了一套盔甲出来, replete with the neck shields and a white horse. 还附带了护颈,以及一匹白马。 Now that I've oversold it, 我吹牛吹了这么久, here's a picture of the armor that I made. 现在就给大家看看这套盔甲的照片。 (Laughter) (笑声) (Applause) (掌声) Now, this is only the first suit of armor I made 这是我做的第一套盔甲, inspired by "Excalibur." 是受《黑暗时代》所启发。 A couple of years later, 过了几年, I convinced my dad to embark on making me a proper suit of armor. 我说服了我爸爸 为我做一套更像样的盔甲。 Over about a month, 在一个月左右的时间里, he graduated me from cardboard to roofing aluminum called flashing 他让我从使用硬纸皮 进步到用屋顶上的铝板来制作, and still, one of my all-time favorite attachment materials, 还有我一直非常喜爱的 一种连接配件, POP rivets. 就是波普铆钉。 We carefully, over that month, 那一个月里,我们非常仔细地 constructed an articulated suit of aluminum armor 打造了一套铰接而成的铝制盔甲, with compound curves. 有很多重叠弯曲的部分。 We drilled holes in the helmet so that I could breathe, 我们在头盔上钻了很多孔, 让我可以呼吸, and I finished just in time for Halloween and wore it to school. 我们赶在万圣节前做完了, 我就穿着它去了学校。 Now, this is the one thing in this talk 这是我的演讲里唯一一个 that I don't have a slide to show you, 没有幻灯片演示的东西, because no photo exists of this armor. 因为我没拍这套盔甲的照片。 I did wear it to school, 我确实把它穿到学校了, there was a yearbook photographer patrolling the halls, 那时有一个学校年鉴的摄影师 一直在校园里来回走, but he never found me, for reasons that are about to become clear. 但是他一直没发现我, 我等下再告诉大家原因。 There were things I didn't anticipate 有些东西我没有预料到, about wearing a complete suit of aluminum armor to school. 穿着这样一套完整的 铝制盔甲去学校会发生什么。 In third period math, I was standing in the back of class, 在第三节数学课, 我一直站在教室最后, and I'm standing in the back of class 我站在教室的最后, because the armor did not allow me to sit down. 是因为穿着那套盔甲 我根本坐不下来。 (Laughter) (笑声) This is the first thing I didn't anticipate. 这是我第一个没考虑的事情。 And then my teacher looks at me sort of concerned 课上到一半左右的时候, about halfway through the class and says, "Are you feeling OK?" 老师过来很担忧地问我: “你感觉还好吗?” I'm thinking, "Are you kidding? Am I feeling OK? 我在想:“你在逗我吗? 我感觉好不好? I'm wearing a suit of armor! I am having the time of my --" 我穿着一整套盔甲啊! 我简直不能再……” And I'm just about to tell her how great I feel, 正当我准备告诉她自己有多爽, when the classroom starts to list to the left 整个教室突然开始往左倒 and disappear down this long tunnel, 然后消失在一条长长的走廊里, and then I woke up in the nurse's office. 然后我就发现自己躺在医务室里了。 I had passed out from heat exhaustion, 我因为穿着那套盔甲, wearing the armor. 中暑晕倒了。 And when I woke up, 当我醒来的时候, I wasn't embarrassed about having passed out in front of my class, 我根本不觉得自己在班级里晕倒 有什么尴尬的, I was wondering, "Who took my armor? Where's my armor?" 我马上问:“谁拿了我的盔甲? 我的盔甲去哪儿了?” OK, fast-forward a whole bunch of years, 好的,快进到很多年以后, some colleagues and I get hired to make a show for Discovery Channel, 我的一些同事和我被雇用, 为探索频道拍一个节目, called "MythBusters." 名叫《流言终结者》。 And over 14 years, 在超过14年里, I learn on the job how to build experimental methodologies 我在工作中学习到 如何设计实验方法, and how to tell stories about them for television. 学会了在电视上 讲述有关实验的故事。 I also learn early on 我很早就意识到, that costuming can play a key role in this storytelling. 戏服在这种讲述过程中 可以有很重要的作用。 I use costumes to add humor, comedy, color 我用戏服来增添 幽默感、喜剧感、画面感, and narrative clarity to the stories we're telling. 并且可以更清晰地叙述 我们所讲的故事。 And then we do an episode called "Dumpster Diving," 后来我们拍了一集, 名叫“垃圾箱缓冲”, and I learn a little bit more 从中我也学到了一些东西, about the deeper implications of what costuming means to me. 了解了戏服扮演对我来说 有什么更深层次的意义。 In the episode "Dumpster Diving," 在“垃圾箱缓冲”这一集, the question we were trying to answer is: 我们想要解答的问题是: Is jumping into a dumpster as safe 跳进一个大垃圾箱里 as the movies would lead you to believe? 真的像电影里拍的那样安全吗? (Laughter) (笑声) The episode was going to have two distinct parts to it. 这一集有两个不同的重点部分。 One was where we get trained to jump off buildings by a stuntman 其一,我们在专业特技演员的 辅导下学会从高楼上跳下, into an air bag. 跳进一个气垫里。 And the second was the graduation to the experiment: 其二,才是真实场景的实验: we'd fill a dumpster full of material and we'd jump into it. 我们把一个垃圾箱装满杂物, 然后纵身跳进去。 I wanted to visually separate these two elements, 我想从视觉上把这两个部分区分开, and I thought, 我就想: "Well, for the first part we're training, so we should wear sweatsuits -- “好吧,我们的第一部分是训练, 所以我们要穿训练服—— Oh! Let's put 'Stunt Trainee' on the back of the sweatsuits. 哦!我们在训练服背上 写上‘特技初学者’吧。 That's for the training." 这是训练部分用的。” But for the second part, I wanted something really visually striking -- 但是到第二部分, 我想让视觉冲击特别强—— "I know! I'll dress as Neo from 'The Matrix.'" “我知道了!我要扮演成 《黑客帝国》里的尼欧!” (Laughter) (笑声) So I went to Haight Street. 于是我去了海特街。 I bought some beautiful knee-high, buckle boots. 我买了些非常漂亮的 长筒搭扣靴子。 I found a long, flowing coat on eBay. 我在易趣网找到了件潇洒至极的斗篷。 I got sunglasses, which I had to wear contact lenses in order to wear. 我买了墨镜,我得带上 隐形眼镜之后才能戴墨镜。 The day of the experiment shoot comes up, 拍摄真实场景实验的那天终于到了, and I step out of my car in this costume, 我穿着这套戏服走出我的车, and my crew takes a look at me ... 我的同事们瞅了我一眼…… and start suppressing their church giggles. 然后所有人都强忍着笑声。 They're like, "(Laugh sound)." 他们就像这样: “(噗嗤)” And I feel two distinct things at this moment. 这一刻我突然产生了两种感觉。 I feel total embarrassment 我感觉到彻头彻尾的尴尬, over the fact that it's so nakedly clear to my crew 显然,对我的同事们来说, that I'm completely into wearing this costume. 我穿这套衣服实在是太“入戏”了。 (Laughter) (笑声) But the producer in my mind reminds myself 但我脑海中的制片人思维告诉我, that in the high-speed shot in slow-mo, 在高速摄影机下, that flowing coat is going to look beautiful behind me. 我身后那飘扬的斗篷 看起来一定酷毙了。 (Laughter) (笑声) Five years into the "MythBusters" run, 开拍《流言终结者》之后五年, we got invited to appear at San Diego Comic-Con. 我们受邀参加了圣迭戈动漫展。 I'd known about Comic-Con for years and never had time to go. 我一直以来都了解漫展, 但是从来没时间去。 This was the big leagues -- this was costuming mecca. 这就像是体育大联盟, 戏服扮演的圣地。 People fly in from all over the world 从全世界各地赶来的人 to show their amazing creations on the floor in San Diego. 都在圣迭戈展示自己独特的创造。 And I wanted to participate. 我也非常想参与进来。 I decided that I would put together an elaborate costume 我决定,要制作一套精美的服装, that covered me completely, 要把我全身都遮起来, and I would walk the floor of San Diego Comic-Con anonymously. 然后我就匿名地在圣迭戈漫展出现。 The costume I chose? 所以我选了什么呢? Hellboy. 地狱男爵。 That's not my costume, 这不是我的戏服, that's actually Hellboy. 这是电影里的地狱男爵。 (Laughter) (笑声) But I spent months 但我花了数月的时间 assembling the most screen-accurate Hellboy costume I could, 打造了一个与银幕最相似的 地狱男爵戏服, from the boots to the belt to the pants 从靴子到皮带到裤子, to the right hand of doom. 再到他的恶魔右手。 I found a guy who made a prosthetic Hellboy head and chest 我找到一个家伙可以制作 地狱男爵头部和胸部的假体, and I put them on. 然后我就穿上了。 I even had contact lenses made in my prescription. 我甚至还专门配了一副隐形眼镜。 I wore it onto the floor at Comic-Con 我把戏服穿到漫展去, and I can't even tell you how balls hot it was in that costume. 我根本没法描述 那衣服里到底热成什么鬼样子。 (Laughter) (笑声) Sweating! I should've remembered this. 我满头大汗!我早该吸取教训的! I'm sweating buckets and the contact lenses hurt my eyes, 我的汗都流成河了, 然后隐形眼镜刺得我眼睛痛, and none of it matters because I'm totally in love. 但是我根本顾不上, 因为我简直爱它到不能自拔。 (Laughter) (笑声) Not just with the process of putting on this costume and walking the floor, 这并不只是把戏服穿上, 然后在展厅里溜达那么简单, but also with the community of other costumers. 其中还有与扮演者社区的交流。 It's not called costuming at Cons, 漫展上这不叫做“穿戏服”, it's called "cosplay." 这叫做“角色扮演”。 Now ostensibly, cosplay means people who dress up 表面上说,角色扮演意味着 人们把自己打扮成 as their favorite characters from film and television 自己最喜欢的电影电视角色, and especially anime, 特别是动漫角色, but it is so much more than that. 但其中的意义比这多得多。 These aren't just people who find a costume and put it on -- 这些人不仅仅是 找一件戏服穿上就可以了, they mash them up. 他们把戏服结合起来。 They bend them to their will. 他们按自己的意愿去解读。 They change them to be the characters they want to be in those productions. 他们在创作中把自己变成 他们想成为的角色。 They're super clever and genius. 这些人都非常聪明,有天赋。 They let their freak flag fly and it's beautiful. 这些人打着怪胎的旗号, 这景象真的太美了。 (Laughter) (笑声) But more than that, 但还不止这些, they rehearse their costumes. 他们还要穿着戏服彩排。 At Comic-Con or any other Con, 在漫展或任何其它展会, you don't just take pictures of people walking around. 你并不只是给四处走动的人拍照。 You go up and say, 你会凑到他们身前说, "Hey, I like your costume, can I take your picture?" “嘿!我好喜欢你的戏服, 能给你拍个照吗?” And then you give them time to get into their pose. 然后你要给他们时间去摆动作。 They've worked hard on their pose 他们很努力地练过这些动作, to make their costume look great for your camera. 让他们的戏服更好地体现在 你的照相机里。 And it's so beautiful to watch. 这看起来真的美极了。 And I take this to heart. 而这一点我也铭记于心。 At subsequent Cons, 在之后的几次漫展, I learn Heath Ledger's shambling walk as the Joker from "The Dark Knight." 我在扮演《黑暗骑士》的小丑时 学会了希斯·莱杰的蹒跚步, I learn how to be a scary Ringwraith from "Lord of the Rings," 我学会了如何扮演 《指环王》里的邪恶戒灵, and I actually frighten some children. 而且我真的吓到了几个小朋友。 I learned that "hrr hrr hrr" -- 我学会了"哼哼……", that head laugh that Chewbacca does. 《星球大战》楚巴卡的怪笑声。 And then I dressed up as No-Face from "Spirited Away." 之后,我扮演成 《千与千寻》里的无面人。 If you don't know about "Spirited Away" and its director, Hayao Miyazaki, 如果你还不知道《千与千寻》 和它的创作者宫崎骏, first of all, you're welcome. 那么,不用谢。 (Laughter) (笑声) This is a masterpiece, and one of my all-time favorite films. 这是一部巨作, 也是我最喜爱的电影之一。 It's about a young girl named Chihiro who gets lost in the spirit world 故事讲述了一位名叫千寻的女孩子, 在一个废弃的日本主题公园里 in an abandoned Japanese theme park. 迷失在了灵异世界中。 And she finds her way back out again 她在几个朋友的帮助下, with the help of a couple of friends she makes -- 最后回到了现实世界—— a captured dragon named Haku 一条被囚禁的龙,名叫琥珀主, and a lonely demon named No-Face. 还有一个孤独的幽灵,叫做无面人。 No-Face is lonely and he wants to make friends, 无面人非常孤单, 他很想跟别人交朋友, and he thinks the way to do it is by luring them to him 他觉得交朋友的办法 就是引诱别人到他身边, and producing gold in his hand. 然后在手里变出金币。 But this doesn't go very well, 但这个过程并不顺利, and so he ends up going on kind of a rampage 于是他陷入了一种狂暴状态, until Chihiro saves him, 直至千寻拯救了他, rescues him. 帮助了他。 So I put together a No-Face costume, 所以我做了一套无面人的服装, and I wore it on the floor at Comic-Con. 在漫展上穿出来。 And I very carefully practiced No-Face's gestures. 我还很仔细地练习过 无面人的动作。 I resolved I would not speak in this costume at all. 我决定穿着戏服的时候 一个字都不说。 When people asked to take my picture, 当有人为我拍照时, I would nod 我会点头, and I would shyly stand next to them. 然后害羞地站在他们旁边。 They would take the picture 他们拍了照, and then I would secret out from behind my robe 我就偷偷地从斗篷后面 a chocolate gold coin. 拿出一个巧克力做的金币。 And at the end of the photo process, I'd make it appear for them. 在拍完照的时候, 我就会给他们变出来。 Ah, ah ah! -- like that. “啊……啊……”像这样。 And people were freaking out. 大家都吓了一大跳。 "Holy crap! Gold from No-Face! Oh my god, this is so cool!" “我的天啊!无面人的金币! 好家伙,这简直太帅了!” And I'm feeling and I'm walking the floor and it's fantastic. 我沉浸在这种感觉中, 这样走在漫展上真的太棒了。 And about 15 minutes in something happens. 然而过了15分钟,发生了一件事。 Somebody grabs my hand, 有人抓住我的手, and they put a coin back into it. 然后把一块金币塞到我手里。 And I think maybe they're giving me a coin as a return gift, 我在想他们是不是 给我一块金币作为回礼, but no, this is one of the coins that I'd given away. 但是不对啊, 这是我给出去的一块金币。 I don't know why. 我不知道为什么。 And I keep on going, I take some more pictures. 我继续发金币, 继续跟大家合照。 And then it happens again. 然后就又发生了。 Understand, I can't see anything inside this costume. 要说明一下,我在戏服里 是看不见东西的。 I can see through the mouth -- 我可以从嘴巴那里看出去—— I can see people's shoes. 但我只能看到鞋子。 I can hear what they're saying and I can see their feet. 我可以听见他们在讲什么, 也能看见他们的脚。 But the third time someone gives me back a coin, 但第三次有人把金币还给我时, I want to know what's going on. 我就想知道发生了什么。 So I sort of tilt my head back to get a better view, 所以我把头向后仰,让视野更清晰, and what I see is someone walking away from me going like this. 我看到的是人们像这样避开我行走。 And then it hits me: 突然我明白了: it's bad luck to take gold from No-Face. 拿无面人的金币是一种凶兆。 In the film "Spirited Away," 在《千与千寻》电影里, bad luck befalls those who take gold from No-Face. 厄运会降临到那些 拿了无面人金币的人身上。 This isn't a performer-audience relationship; this is cosplay. 这不是普通的表演者 与观众的关系;这是角色扮演。 We are, all of us on that floor, 我们所有人,在展厅里, injecting ourselves into a narrative that meant something to us. 都把自己沉浸在 一种富有深意的情景之中。 And we're making it our own. 我们融入了这个环境。 We're connecting with something important inside of us. 我们交流着内心深处的重要情感。 And the costumes are how we reveal ourselves 而戏服正是我们向他人 to each other. 展现自己的方式。 Thank you. 谢谢大家。 (Applause) (掌声)