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A girl I've never met before 我之前从没遇见过的一个女孩 changed my life and the life of thousands of other people. 改变了我的生活,也改变了千千万万人的生活 I'm the CEO of DoSomething.org. 我是“有所作为”(DoSomething.org)这个网站的首席执行官 It's one of the largest organizations in the world for young people. 它是世界上为年轻人所创建的最大的网站之一 In fact it's bigger than the Boy Scouts in the United States. 说实话,它的规模比美国的“童子军”还大 And we're not homophobic. 而且我们不是反对同性恋的网站 (Laughter) (笑声) And it's true -- the way we communicate with young people is by text, 对,我们是通过短信跟年轻人交流 because that's how young people communicate. 因为这是现在年轻人的交流方式 So we'll run over 200 campaigns this year, 因此,今年我们会组织超过200个活动 things like collecting peanut butter for food pantries, 比如给食物站收集花生酱 or making Valentine's Day cards for senior citizens who are homebound. 或者给返乡老人制作情人节卡片 And we'll text them. 然后我们会给他们发短信 And we'll have a 97 percent open rate. 而这些短信有97%的阅读率 It'll over-index Hispanic and urban. 这在西班牙裔和城市中都是超过平均水平的 We collected 200,000 jars of peanut butter 我们收集了超过20万罐花生酱 and over 365,000 Valentine's Day cards. 制作了超过36.5万张情人节卡片 This is big scale. OK -- 这规模挺大的 (Applause) (喝彩) But there's one weird side effect. 但这些活动引发了一个很奇怪的副作用 Every time we send out a text message, 每当我们发出一条短信之后 we get back a few dozen text messages having nothing to do with peanut butter 我们会收到很多回信 or hunger or senior citizens -- 这些回信跟花生酱、饥荒、或者老年人没有一点关系 but text messages about being bullied, 而是关于被霸凌 text messages about being addicted to pot. 或者是关于大麻上瘾 And the worst message we ever got said exactly this: 并且我们确实得说 我们收到过最糟糕的短信是这个: "He won't stop raping me. “他会一直强奸我,“ It's my dad. “他是我爸爸。” He told me not to tell anyone. Are you there?" 他让我不要告诉任何人。 有人在吗? We couldn't believe this was happening. 我们无法相信这是真实发生过的事情 We couldn't believe that something so horrific could happen to a human being, 我们简直无法相信这么可怕的事情 会发生在一个真实的人身上 and that she would share it with us -- something so intimate, so personal. 而她却把这么私密的事情告诉我们 And we realized we had to stop triaging this 因此我们意识到,我们必须要给这些短信分类 and we had to build a crisis text line for these people in pain. 我们应该建立给这些正在遭受痛苦的人 建立一个危机短信专线 So we launched Crisis Text Line, 为此我们很隐秘地在芝加哥和埃尔帕索 建立了“危机短信专线”, very quietly, in Chicago and El Paso -- just a few thousand people in each market. 每条线路只有几千人 And in four months, we were in all 295 area codes in America. 并且四个月内我们在美国295个区域号码内都建立了这个专线。 Just to put that into perspective, 这个扩展的规模,对比地说 that's zero marketing and faster growth than when Facebook first launched. 我们从零开始创建和扩展这个领域, 比脸书刚建立时还要发展得更快 (Applause) (喝彩) Text is unbelievably private. 短信是及其隐秘的一种方式 No one hears you talking. 因为没人能听到你在说什么 So we spike everyday at lunch time -- 所以每次在午饭时间我们的短信数量就会飙升 kids are sitting at the lunch table 当孩子们坐在午餐桌旁边的时候 and you think that she's texting the cute boy across the hall, 你觉得她正在给旅馆大堂的某个男孩子发短信 but she's actually texting us about her bulimia. 但她其实是在给我们讲述她的贪食症 And we don't get the word "like" or "um" or hyperventilating or crying. 我们不会听到类似“好像”,“ 呃” ,急喘声或者哭声 We just get facts. 我们只会看到事实 We get things like, "I want to die. 我们会收到类似的消息:“ 我想自杀。” I have a bottle of pills on the desk in front of me." “在我面前的书桌前有一瓶药。“ And so the crisis counselor says, 那么我们的危机顾问就会说: "How about you put those pills in the drawer while we text?" “ 在我们还在发短信的时候把你的药片放进抽屉里怎么样?“ And they go back and forth for a while. 他们会僵持一会儿 And the crisis counselor gets the girl to give her her address, 然后我们的危机顾问会向这个女孩要她的地址 because if you're texting a text line, you want help. 因为如果你给短信热线发消息,这证明你其实想要获得帮助 So she gets the address 因此她给了地址 and the counselor triggers an active rescue 我们的危机顾问在他们发短信的期间 while they're texting back and forth. 采取措施营救这个女孩 And then it goes quiet -- 然后一切都变安静了 23 minutes with no response from this girl. 23分钟里我们都没收到这个女孩的回信 And the next message that comes in says -- 后来收到一条消息说: it's the mom -- “我是她妈妈,” "I had no idea, and I was in the house, “我不知道怎么办,我当时在屋里” we're in an ambulance on our way to the hospital." “我们现在坐着救护车在去医院的路上” As a mom that one just -- 作为一个母亲,我...“ The next message comes a month later. 一个月后我们收到了她们发来的另一条短信 "I just got out of the hospital. “我刚从医院出来。” I was diagnosed as bipolar, and I think I'm going to be OK." “我被确诊为人格分裂,我觉我会没事儿的。” (Applause) (喝彩) I would love to tell you that that's an unusual exchange, 我很高兴告诉你们这是一个不同寻常的改变, but we're doing on average 2.41 active rescues a day. 但是我们平均每天会采取2.41个营救措施 Thirty percent of our text messages are about suicide and depression -- huge. 我们收到30%的短信都是关于自杀或者绝望 The beautiful thing about Crisis Text Line 危机短信热线最美好的一面就是 is that these are strangers counseling other strangers 陌生人给另一个陌生人 on the most intimate issues, 在非常隐秘的问题上施以援手 and getting them from hot moments to cold moments. 将他们从痛苦难熬的时刻拯救出来 It's exciting, and I will tell you 我必须的说,这真的很振奋人心 that we have done a total of more than 6.5 million text messages 因为我们在过去不超过两年的时间里 in less than two years. 传输了超过650万条短信 (Applause) (喝彩) But the thing that really gets me hot and sweaty about this, 但最令我热血澎湃 the thing that really gets me psyched is the data: 最令我激动不已的事情是这个数据: 6.5 million messages -- 这650万条短信 that's the volume, velocity and variety to provide a really juicy corpus. 这数量、速度和多样性给我们提供了丰富的语料库 We can do things like predictive work. 这使得我们能够提前预警 We can do all kinds of conclusions and learnings from that data set. 我们能够从这些数据中得到各种结论 So we can be better, and the world can be better. 因此,我们能做得更好,这个世界也会变得更好 So how do we use the data to make us better? 所以我们是如何通过这些数据做得更好的呢? Alright, chances are someone here, someone watching this 好了,在场的人,正在看这个视频的人 has seen a therapist or a shrink at some point in time in your life -- 过去曾看过临床医学家或者精神病医师的人 you do not have to raise your hand. 你们不用举手示意了 (Laughter) (笑声) How do you know that person's any good? 你们怎么知道他们能带来任何改变? Oh, they have a degree from Harvard on the wall? 哦,对了,他们有装裱好挂在墙的哈佛毕业证书 Are you sure he didn't graduate in the bottom 10 percent? 但你能确定他们不是后10%的毕业生? (Laughter) (笑声) When my husband and I saw a marriage counselor, 以前我和我丈夫看到过一个已婚的咨询师 I thought she was a genius when she said, 我当时觉得她很机智当她说: "I'll see you guys in two weeks -- but I need to see you next week, sir." “我会在接下来的两周跟你们见面,但是我得下周跟你先见一面,先生。” (Laughter) (笑声) We have the data to know what makes a great counselor. 我们有庞大的数据帮助咨询师做好自己的工作 We know that if you text the words "numbs" and "sleeve," 我们知道如果你发的消息很机械化很麻木 there's a 99 percent match for cutting. 那你有99%的概率可能是被裁员了 We know that if you text in the words "mg" and "rubber band," 我们明白如果你发的消息像“毫克” 或者“橡皮筋” there's a 99 percent match for substance abuse. 那你有99%的概率是滥用药物的人 And we know that if you text in "sex," "oral" and "Mormon," 我也知道如果你的消息里包括 “性”, “口头的” 和“摩门教”, you're questioning if you're gay. 你可能正在质疑自己是不是同性恋 Now that's interesting information that a counselor could figure out 虽然我们的咨询师也能分析出来这些有用的信息, but that algorithm in our hands means that an automatic pop-up says, 但是我们现有的算法能够启动识别并提示咨询师 "99 percent match for cutting -- try asking one of these questions" "(这条短信) 99% 都和裁员有关, to prompt the counselor. 建议问这几个裁员相关的问题.” Or "99 percent match for substance abuse, 或者“99%都和滥用药物有关,” here are three drug clinics near the texter." 在这个发信息的人附近有三个药物门诊。” It makes us more accurate. 这样是我们的能够更加精确。 On the day that Robin Williams committed suicide, 在威廉姆.罗宾自杀身亡的那天 people flooded hotlines all over this country. 整个国家的人将电话热线都淹没了 It was sad to see an icon, a funnyman, commit suicide, 我们很不幸看到一代偶像,一个有趣的男人自杀了 and there were three hour wait times on every phone hotline in the country. 这个国家的每个电话热线都得等待三小时 We had a spike in volume also. 我们的短信数量也急剧飚升 The difference was 但不同的是 if you text us, "I want to die," or "I want to kill myself," 如果你给我们发消息说:“我想去死,” 或者“我想自杀。” the algorithm reads that, you're code orange, 我们的计算机运算系统读过之后,你的消息会被标注橙色警报 and you become number one in the queue. 然后你会被排到等候队列的第一个 So we can handle severity, not chronological. 因此我们会按严重程度处理,而不是按时间顺序 (Applause) (掌声) This data is also making the world better 我们的数据也使得这个世界变得更好 because I'm sitting on the world's first map of real-time crises. 因为我正坐在世界上第一张实时危机的地图前时刻观测着 Think about it: 想想吧: those 6.5 million messages, auto-tagging through natural language processes, 这650万条消息,通过自然语言系统自动标注 all of these data points -- 根据所有的数据点 I can tell you that the worst day of the week for eating disorders: Monday. 我得说一周中饮食失调最严重的一天是周一 The worst time of day for substance abuse: 5am. 一天中滥用药物最严重的时间是上午五点 And that Montana is a beautiful place to visit 美丽的蒙大纳州是一个值得参观的地方 but you do not want to live there, 但你不会想在那儿生活 because it is the number one state for suicidal ideation. 因为那是在我们数据库里自杀意念排第一位的州 And we've made this data public and free and open. 我们已经公开免费公布了这一数据 We've pulled all the personally identifiable information. 我们已经获得了所有个人的、可确认的信息 And it's in a place called CrisisTrends.org. 这些信息被公布在危机趋势这个网站上 Because I want schools to be able to see 因为我希望学校能注意到 that Monday is the worst day for eating disorders, 周一是饮食失调最严重的一天 so that they can plan meals 因此学校工作人员可以调整食物计划 and guidance counselors to be there on Mondays. 并且周一也会有引导咨询师在场协助 And I want families to see that substance abuse questions spike at 5am. 我也希望所有家庭能够知道滥用药物的高峰期是早上五点 I want somebody to take care of those Native American reservations in Montana. 我希望有人能够关心在蒙大纳州的美国本地人保留区 (Applause) (鼓掌) Data, evidence 数据,证据 makes policy, research, 促使政策,研究 journalism, policing, school boards -- everything better. 报章杂志,行政监管和教育委员会,所有的事都变得更好 I don't think of myself as a mental health activist. 我不觉得自己是一个关注精神健康的活跃分子 I think of myself as a national health activist. 但我觉得自己是一个关注国民健康的活跃分子 I get really excited about this data, I'm a little nerdy. 我对这个数据感到异常兴奋, 显得有点儿书呆子气 Yeah, that sounded too girly. 对,这听起来太少女心了 I'm nerdy. 我是个狂热爱好者 (Laughter) (大笑) I love data. 我热爱数据 And the only difference really between me and those people in hoodies down the road 我跟那些很快就会手握大量风投的创业者之间 (译注: 泛指"大数据"风潮下的创业者.) with their fat-funded companies, 唯一本质地区别, 在于 is that I'm not inspired by helping you find Chinese food at 2am in Dallas, 我并不关心如何帮你在达拉斯凌晨两点找到一家中国餐厅 or helping you touch your wrist and get a car immediately, 不关心如何让你能够翻个手腕就立刻叫到辆车 or swipe right and get laid. 不关心如何做身份识别以及如何找一夜情. I'm inspired -- 我是被激励着 (Laughter, applause) (笑声,掌声) I want to use tech and data to make the world a better place. 我想用科技和数据让我们的世界变得更好 I want to use it to help that girl, 我想用这些科技和数据帮助那个 who texted in about being raped by her father. 发短信告诉我被自己父亲强奸的女孩 Because the truth is we never heard from her again. 因为事实上我们从那以后没再也没听到过她的消息 And I hope that she is somewhere safe and healthy, 我希望她现在在某个安全的地方,健康的生活着 and I hope that she sees this talk 我也希望她能看见我这段话 and she knows that her desperation 让她知道她的绝境 and her courage inspired the creation of Crisis Text Line 和她的勇气促使了了危机短信热线的诞生 and inspires me every freaking day. 也在这该死的日子里每天都激励着我 (Applause) (掌声)